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Merkür Series Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System


This system provides advanced refinement of brackish water and achieving water at drinking quality thanks to its reverse osmosis membrane.


  • High capacity filters which remove bad taste and odor  in the water.
  • High capacity of restraining dirt.
  • It removes dissolved salt and  provides pure water.
  • Tested %100 at factory, sterilized and ready for installation.
  • *Capacity: 2000-40000 (I / day).
  • *Water temperature 25 °C and TDS: at 0-2000 ppm

Orion Cartridge Filtration Systems

The suspended soils (such as sediment, rust, sand and other particles) in your water reduce the quality of your water as well as the performance of your devices. Orion Cartridge filtration system is one of the most efficient and economic methods to remove suspended solids and to refine your water with desired micron sensitivity.

  • Sediments and active carbon cartridges, which are    produced with A.O. Smith’s innovative sense of technology   and can effectively hold dirt, organic substance and free   chlorine, the system provides long term filtration.
  • Thanks to the cartridge filtration systems, designed by    A.O. Smith engineers for your needs, we offer alternative   solutions according to desired temperature and pressure   values without a limit of capacity and mounting diameter.

Jupiter Series Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems

  • Capacity: 50 – 300 (m3 / day).
  • Water temperature 25 °C and TDS: at 0-2000 ppm.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is currently the most rapidlydeveloping water treatment technology. This system is operated by reversing the osmotic phenomenon that takes place in nature. It provides obtaining pure water from well and city water by performing filtration in the molecular structure of water. Jupiter Series systems offer customized solutions to you in industrial areas by ensuring advanced refinement of densesalted brackish water with its reverse osmosis membrane.

Automatic Anthracite – Sand Filtration Systems

A.O. Smith fully automatic multimedia filtration system makes your water usable in industrial areas by refining rough sediments, particles, suspended soils and substances which cause blurriness in the water. Multimedia filters are refined in service period and your filters are completely cleaned during back washing period. This function refreshes your system and increases its lifetime. The multimedia filtration system can be projected in required flow rates.


  • Easy operation without the need for an operator
  • Automatic back washing process without the need for human   interference
  • *Service Flow Rate: Between the range of 0.5 – 50.3 (m3 / h).

Automatic Active Carbon Filtration Systems

With A.O. Smith Automatic Carbon Filtration Systems, all taste, odor, color, chlorine, chlorine compounds and all organic substances which exist or may exist in your water are filtered. “Activated Carbon Mineral” holds the organic molecules which exist in the water and cause odor, taste and color problems. Chlorine which exists freely in the water and causes undesired odor, is removed by this layer. This device, equipped with fully automatic control systems performs necessary back washing and regeneration processes periodically by itself without the need for human interference according to the program set at the beginning.


  • Easy operation without the need for an operator
  • Automatic back washing process without the need for    human interference
  • *Service Flow Rate: Between the range of 0.5 – 50.3 (m3 / h).

Ultraviolet Water Disinfection Systems

Puritron Series

*Flow Rate:

  • Waste water: Between the range of 22 – 200 (m3/h).
  • Clean water: Between the range of 35 – 280 (m3/h).

Ultraviolet water disinfection systems kill bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms existing in the water by using ultraviolet light. Industrial ultraviolet water disinfection systems have outstanding functions which help protect health in the best way.


  • Effective and immediate refinement.
  • No chemical usage.
  • No chemical residue.
  • Plug and play.
Ecoline Series

*Flow Rate:

  • Between the range of 1-50 (m3/h).

Maxim Series Water Softener Systems

A.O. Smith Maxim Series water softener systems provide advanced lime removal thanks to their high quality resin and high technology regeneration technique  in industrial areas. Therefore the damage and problems caused by hard water are prevented. Our Maxim series systems are designed as single and tandem and they provide regeneration according to passing water quantity by operating with flow rate and time control


  • Easy operation without the need of an operator
  • Automatic back washing process without the need of    human interference
  • *Service Flow Rate: Between the range of 2 – 56.8 (m3 / h).

Grey Water Treatment System


A.O Smith Grey Water Treatment Systems ensure the treatment of grey water without septic waste,  which is collected from showers, bathtubs and wash basins. Utility water is obtained with the treatment of grey water. Water, recycled with grey water treatment systems, can be used for toilet tanks, general cleaning works and garden irrigation.


A.O Grey water, refined by Smith Grey Water Treatment Systems is used as clean water  and it provides cost saving  while increasing the amount of rich water resources in the areas where irrigation is needed. Water in the residential areas can be divided as indoor and outdoor waters. All water apart from toilet water can be refined by transferring back to outdoors and consequently the water with similar characteristics with natural water is obtained. Thus, a significant decrease in clean water consumption is achieved.