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Thermostatic Control

IMI Hydronic Engineering is continually researching and developing new and innovative technologies in thermostatic control to expand our extensive product range.

Our thermostatic valve range encompasses a broad range of more than 120 different thermostatic valve bodies on which over 40 various thermostatic heads can be installed. We also supply an extensive assortment of actuators, room thermostats, special fittings, control valves and shut-off valves, thus ensuring that we have a solution nearly every situation.

This variety of products makes it possible to find an optimum solution for every conceivable requirement. IMI Hydronic Engineering also incorporates the requirements the customer takes to the heating engineer in its product policy.

Thermostatic Heads And Valve Bodies

Liquid-filled thermostat. High pressure power, lowest hysteresis, optimal closing time. Stable control behavior even in the case of small calculated p-band variation (<1K). Meet all requirements of the German EnEV and DIN V 4701-10. Reduced size in length and diameter. White cover RAL 9016 printed with scale. Designed to be mounted on all IMI Heimeier thermostatic bodies and radiators with integrated valves which have an M 30 x 1.5 thermostatic insert.
E-Pro time adaptor for time-dependent room temperature control without timeconsuming programming.

E-Pro zaman adaptörü ile oda sıcaklığı, zahmetli bir programlama olmadan zamana bağlı olarak ayarlanabilir.


The thermostatic radiator valve Eclipse has a unique integrated flow limiter that eliminate over flows. The required flow rate can be adjusted directly at the valve with a twist. The adjusted flow will not be exceed even if there are load changes in the system, due to other valves closing or during morning start up. The valve controls the flow rate independently from differential pressure. Therefore, complicated calculations to determine settings are not necessary

Thermostatic radiator valve with automatic flow limitation


Multilux 4-Set

With two-point connection, angle and straight type, for R 1/2 and G 3/4 radiator connection in 2-pipe or 1-pipe systems


The Multilux 4 – Set is connected in 2-pipe or 1-pipe systems to radiators with a lower 2-point connection such as bathroom radiators, universal radiators etc.. Centre-to-centre distance of connections 50 mm. Multilux 4 – Set is suitable for installation as angle or straight form and the thermostatic head can be mounted on the left or right side. For mounting on the right side, the thermostatic insert only needs to be exchanged with the shut-off insert