Brands – IMI-Pneumatex


Pressurisation and Water Quality

IMI Hydronic Engineering is the only manufacturer in the world to be able to offer a wide range of top-quality combined products, which meet every customer need with their variety of functions – whether in fixed charge, compressor or pump controlled pressurisation. These multifunction devices have an unbeatable price-performance ratio and their reliability and long lifecycle follow the tradition of legendary quality.

Pressure Maintenance Systems with Compressor

For heating systems up to 4 MW and cooling systems up to 6 MW:

Compresso is a precision pressurisation system with compressors for heating, solar and chilled water systems. It is especially suitable in situations where compactness and precision are required. The system capacity range lies between pressurisation with Statico and Transfero. The new BrainCube Connect control panel allows a new level of connectivity, enabling communication with the BMS system, other BrainCubes as well as remote operation of the pressurisation system through live viewing.

Compresso Connect F


Transfero TI


Pressure Maintenance Systems with Pump

Pressure maintenance systems up to 10 MW with pumps

Transfero T is a precision pressure maintenance device up to 10 MW with pumps for heating, solar and chilled water systems. Its use is particularly recommended where high performance, compact design and precision are required. In the medium performance range with tight budgets, they can also be used as combination devices with integrated degassing and water make-up.

Water Make Up Units

Pressure-maintaining monitoring device

Pressure-maintaining monitoring device in the sense of EN 12828-4.7.4. The Pleno ensures that the water reserve required for optimum functioning of the expansion vessels is given at all times. If the level drops below the minimum, water is automatically added to the system. The «fillsafe» electronically monitors and controls the water make-up and ensures maximum safety.



Zeparo ZI/ZE


Air and Dirt Seperators

Micro bubble, dirt and combined separators industrial and extended type.

For applications of all sizes, the Zeparo range offers a complete, reliable solution for problems with air and sludge in heating, solar and chilled water systems – from initial venting to the separation of the tiniest and finest magnetite particles. “The helistill” separator makes these products incredibly efficient. The Zeparo Industrial (ZI) and Extended (ZE) have been specially developed to meet the high demands of large installations, and they have one objective: to achieve an airfree, sludgefree installation without the use of filters, which become clogged or require regular maintenance.