Brands – Tolco

TOLCO is a leading manufacturer of seismic bracing, Our strong commitment to innovation and labor saving solutions has positioned the company as a leader in engineered solutions for seismic projects, including those that require OSHPD approval. TOLCO supports customers with unsurpassed products and services for non-structural systems for commercial, institutional and industrial projects.



TOLCO, as a member of the APFA, is cooperating with engineers and architects in the preparation of specifications covering hanger requirements and the interpretation of applicable piping safety codes.

All TOLCO products are carefully manufactured to meet the highest standards in the industry.

All products, as a minimum conform to MSS-SP-58, and to the allowable stresses specified in the ANSI B31.1 code for pressure piping.

Many TOLCO Products are also listed, approved or conform to: UL-203, FM, NFPA-13, NFPA 13-R, NFPA-13D and NFPA-24, WWH-171EE